LA Angels Thursday News Crash: Doesn’t Hate Baseball

Rob Manfred claims he doesn’t hate baseball. He’s trying to “revolutionize the game.” Brandon Marsh is…

Angels end June with a win

The Angels had one last game in June, an Ohtani Wednesday vs the White Sox. With…

Angels vs. White Sox Game 3 Gamethread

Last game in June. Crazy how the season seems to go by so quickly.

LA Angels Wednesday News Crash: Actions have Consequences

Good morning Angels fans! How are you today? Have done links. Angels News Archie Bradley is…

Trout, Ohtani bless corneas with back-to-back jacks as Angels get crushed

It's rude to beat a dead horse, but the Angels didn't listen.

Angels vs. White Sox Game 2 Gamethread

Holy crap June is almost done.

LA Angels Tuesday News Crash: Bird’s the Word

Twelve are suspended, nine of which are in the Angels organization. Matt Duffy left Sunday’s game…

Angels win 4-3

Thor took the mound against a White Sox team that is playing well below expectations and…

Angels vs. White Sox Game 1 Gamethread

Lots of good young talent on the South Siders.