World Series Game 5 Gamethread

Maybe the Blue Uniforms will help. Verlander vs Thor for game 5.

World Series Game 4 Gamethread

Game 4 is in Philly, Javier vs Nola. Can Marsh do it again?

World Series Game 3 Game Thread

Ranger Suarez will pitch for the Phillies while Lance McCullers will pitch for the Astros. Photo…

LCS Elimination Sunday

Yankees and Padres face elimination. 2 day games on a Sunday in October.

Saturday LCS Gamethread

Day games on a Saturday. Busy day though with football and all.

Friday NLCS G3 Gamethread

Game 3 of the NLCS starts at 4:30 ish, Musgrove vs Ranger Suarez at Philly. I…

Championship Series Game Thread

I’ll definitely be rooting for the winner of the NLCS in the World Series. In the…

LCS Wednesday Gamethread

MFY vs Trashos and Padres vs Phillies. NLCS starts at 1:30 while the ALCS is later.

October 18, 2022 Mega Game Thread

Go Guardians! Photo credit: Rex Fregosi