Angels at Rangers Game 1 Gamethread

I’m really interested in Texas this year. They could be building something. Take a look at…

Angels at A’s Game 4 Gamethread

Just the one game today.

Angels at A’s Game 3 Gamethread. The Late Game.

Seems like we just played the A’s.

Angels at A’s Game 2 Gamethread. The Early Game.

Ernie Banks would be happy today.

Angels at A’s Game 1 Gamethread

Even after a sell off, watch the A’s play us tough. MLB debut of Chase Silseth,…

Angels vs. Rays Game 3 Gamethread

This would be a perfect day to take off work early. I mean, um, work from…

Angels vs. Rays Game 2 Gamethread

Ohtani MVP Bobblehead Night. Hopefully he has some on field magic.

Angels vs. Nationals Game 3 Gamethread

Celebrate Mom today. And hopefully an Angels victory. Picture is of Yadira Huerta and her daughter…

Angels vs. Nationals Game 2 Gamethread

I’m betting heavily on the team in red to win this series.