Cycle Threats Postgame

This one ought to be an adventure. Jose Suarez started the game.

For first inning offense, Luis Rengifo hit a single and Taylor Ward chipped in a walk. We got a couple of pop outs from Kevin Pillar and Willie Calhoun. Michael Stefanic had flied out to center to lead off the game. Enter Suarez. He walked Ketel Marte but coaxed a double play ball out of their catcher, Gabriel Moreno. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. singled to center. Christian Walker then struck out swinging.

The Angels went three up three down in the second inning. Randal Grichuk tripled on the first Suarez offering of the second inning. Eugenio Suarez struck out but Corbin Carroll also tripled. 1-0 Diamondbacks. Suarez hit Blaze Alexander with a pitch and then Geraldo Perdomo singled to make it 2-0. The Angels got out of the mess with their second double play in as many innings.

Michael Stefanic came up again in the third and got a one out single through the middle. A wild pitch advanced him to second base. A Luis Rengifo ground out advanced him to third base with two outs. Taylor Ward doubled to make it 2-1.

Kevin Pillar hit a ground rule double to tie the game.

Willie Calhoun grounded out to short. Gabriel Moreno doubled to lead off the Diamondbacks third. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. flied out. Christian Walker struck out. Randal Grichuk homered to put the nail in the coffin for Jose Suarez. 4-2 Diamondbacks. We got Carson Fulmer. Eugenio Suarez struck out.

The Angels again went three up three down in the fourth inning. Cripes! Corbin Carroll doubled to lead off the fourth inning. Both Carroll and Grichuk were in the hunt to hit for the cycle at this point. Blaze Alexander grounded out. Geraldo Perdomo walked. A Ketel Marte fly out advanced the runners by one base each. Gabriel Moreno was nice enough to strike out.

Michael Stefanic got a one out single in the fifth. He was erased on a Luis Rengifo double play. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. grounded out to short. Christian Walker flied out to right. Randal Grichuk got his double and only needed a single for his cycle. Great! Fulmer hit Eugenio Suarez with a pitch. Corbin Carroll walked to load the bases. Carson Fulmer threw a wild pitch to score Randal Grichuk. 5-2 Diamondbacks. Blaze Alexander then grounded out.

Taylor Ward homered to lead off the sixth inning. 5-3 Diamondbacks. Now Ward just need a triple and a single for his cycle.

Willie Calhoun was out on a questionable play at first, bringing up Logan O’Hoppe. O’Hoppe doubled for his first hit of the night. Nolan Schanuel lined out to end the Angels sixth inning. Ketel Marte got a one out walk and stole second after Adam Cimber came in to pitch. Gabriel Moreno doubled. 6-3 Arizona. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. singled but Christian Walker lined out. Logan O’Hoppe got injured down south during the Randal Grichuk at bat and had to leave the game. (Speaking of two balls and a strike.) Matt Thaiss assumed the catching duties. Grichuk ended up walking. Now Ben Joyce came in to pitch. At least Eugenio Suarez grounded out.

Justin Martinez came in throwing some Ben Joyce level gas. Hoping for a better seventh inning, Jo Adell singled. Zach Neto lined out. Michael Stefanic struck out looking. Jo Adell was out sealing third base for the third out at third base. Then Corbin Carroll singled. Pinch hitter Joc Pederson struck out. Geraldo Perdomo got a bunt single to third. Ketel Marte walked and then Gabriel Moreno singled to make it 7-3 Diamondbacks. Now Hunter Strickland came in to replace Joyce on the mound. Abandon hope all ye who are still watching. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. singled yet again. No problem! 9-3 Arizona. A couple more flyouts sent the Diamondbacks back out to the field.

Here we are in the eighth. Luis Rengifo struck out. Mickey Moniak singled. Kevin Pillar flied out. Willie Calhoun walked. Matt Thaiss doubled. Dude! 9-4 Diamondbacks. Nolan Schanuel grounded out, unfortunately. Mickey Moniak was now the center fielder and Kevin Pillar moved over to right. Eugenio Suarez flied out to center as did Corbin Caroll. Joc Pederson singled out to right. Geraldo Perdomo lined out to center.

Ninth inning- last chance. Jo Adell singled. Zach Neto, unfortunately, grounded into a force out. Michael Stefanic lined out to right. Luis Rengifo grounded into a force out to end the game. Nobody hit for the cycle after all.

Photo credit: Rex Fregosi

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1 month ago

Any reason the headline doesn’t include the game score? I presume it’s to increase readership of the excellent wrap up – but it would be nice to have some reference to the final score/outcome in the headline.

1 month ago

Charles, classic way to end the post. Looney Toons Porky Pig.

Need to demote Joyce to AA. Don’t ruin his confidence on a lost season and he really does need to learn how to pitch, in the minors.

1 month ago

We’re only 3 wins away from the shuffle bot

1 month ago

And two losses from the poo bot!

Super Member
1 month ago
Reply to  Fansince1971

Hmmmm, which will come first?

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