Angels Roster Cut to 26

As of Monday, the Angels roster – and all MLB teams – has been cut from 28 to 26 players. On Sunday four players traded places – Reliever Kenny Rosenberg was recalled and starter Jose Suarez was sent to the minors. It would seem the team thinks that Jose Barria is “figuring it out” faster than Suarez and will be giving him that gray-area “sixth starter” status. A sixth starter is like being the sixth groomsman in your friend’s wedding. If they have to cut the budget, you aren’t going to have to rent a tux.

The Angels also put infielder Matt Duffy on the Covid list which allowed them to recall Jack Mayfield less than 48 hours after shipping him to AAA. Mayfield had been sent down when David Fletcher returned on Friday.

The two players on the bubble turned out to be pitchers – Elvis Peguero (who had not appeared in any games) and Andrew Wantz. Rosters expand again in September.


The Angels have three players on their 26-man roster born in the 1980s:
Aaron Loup and Ryan Tepera, both born in 1987. But older than that is Kurt Suzuki, born in 1983. But down at AAA Salt Lake there are two current Bees players born in the 1980s, can you name them?

Answer in the first comment.

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2 years ago

I saw the photo and the title of the post and got excited Suzuki was sent packing.

Charles Sutton
Super Member
2 years ago

And away we go!

Jessica DeLine
Super Member
2 years ago

Speaking of the roster – don’t forget the Angels 40-man roster subway map. Updated before the start of the season:

2 years ago

Stephan? Jack Stephan?