Sandy Man can, but Bullpen and Offense cannot, Angels Lose

Sandy Man can? We shall see. The Yankees offense has been put in check so far. That’s good. But that means they are due. That’s bad. But Rodon is a lefty, and the Angels win against leftys. That’s good. But the Angels suck at home. That’s bad. Can we play on the road now?

Anyway, how did Sandoval do then? Well, he went 6 innings, giving up 2 runs on 2 hits, striking out 7 and walking 3. That’s good. He left in line for the loss. That’s bad.

7K that is something

“High”lighted Recap

The Angels struck first with a Logan bomb in the 2nd!

1-0 Angels

But Judge finally hit one this series in the 4th.

2-1 MFY

The bullpen gave up a run for the first time this series in the 7th. On a walk.

3-1 MFY

Make that 2 walks.

4-1 MFY

That’s fine, we will just put in Jose Saurez. OH NO!

7-1 MFY

The Angels did not give up, however, as Kevin Pillar doubled in a run in the 7th.

7-2 MFY

And Willie Calhoun drove in another.

7-3 MFY

Now, as long as no more runs are given up, maybe-

8-3 MFY


The offense couldn’t do more and the Angels lose. Again.


The Angels go up to Seattle for 3 and then right back home for the Padres. Yeah, it makes no sense really. But hey, just one more day of May, and then we can enjoy June. Like, maybe June will be good for us? Copium I know, but hey, at least I am getting a new hat on Monday at the Angels Pride night game. Yeah they really do not advertise these things. You need a special ticket like the ones for the colleges.

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Trusted Member
14 days ago

Not watching. Checking in. Not missing. Busy with work anyway.

Super Member
14 days ago

That game was ……………, yuck.

14 days ago
Reply to  steelgolf

Sandy pitched well against a deep lineup. Looked comfortable and confident, more of that would fun to watch.

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