It’s been a while; and no I am not referencing the band Staind, no offense. Going to go for full Costanza. It’s going to be brief and it might have been echoed by other peeps.

Holy hell! We have $750,000,000 (Trout and Rendon), on summer vacation trying out the Balboa Bars, while Taylor Ward is getting beetled in the face. Trout, today on “Peacock” (representing), did a complete benign interview of nothing. I do not blame either Trout or Rendon; neither one of them are leaders or red assess. There is no Percival or Erstad on this team. We have a unicorn doing his best on the Sea of Galilee while his Three Amigos are working out their dance steps and figuring what taste like beer.

Our line up every game is like ro sham bo at the old folks home. The only red ass stepping up is our manager. His faults, missteps, and IPads are medals well deserved. Also, that being said, you can’t hang your banners and grievances on the one who fills out the line up card. For the last few weeks, it is like our manager is Mel Gibson in “Gallipoli”.

While writing these thoughts; I hade to make some dinner for the family. In my dinner pause, unlike Martin Luther, I can recant; Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon are a black hole of leadership. Their leadership ends at what topping they want on their Balboa Bars. Launch these clowns! To quote Metallica “Damage Inc.” ‘Fuck it all and no regrets.'”

Photo credit: Rex Fregosi

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6 months ago

Good takes – thanks for sharing.

The leadership void is noticable. The item that stuck out to me during the Toronto series is that our pitching staff does not protect our hitters. There were four Angel batters hit by pitchers, and none for Toronto. One of the hit batters was of course the devastating injury to Ward.

Now I’m NOT advocating a bean-ball war or intentionally hurting another player. But our pitchers need to protect our hitters. However it’s not in recent memory been “the Angel way” to do that, which in my perspective goes to the lack of leadership within the clubhouse.

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6 months ago

Cupie! Excellent job, you nailed it.

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6 months ago

It’s been a while, Cupie. But I’m with you on Trout and Rendon(e). They are only valuable on the field as they provide no real leadership otherwise.. With both riding the injury pine yet continuing to suck the team’s wallet dry, the fan’s eye becomes more and more jaundiced.