Long Ball Postgame 10-9 Angels

Jared Walsh and Mickey Moniak both homered in the second inning. 2-0 Angels.

In the fourth inning Anthony Rendon doubled, Jared Walsh singled, and Mickey Moniak doubled to add a cumulative two more runs. 4-0 Angels.

In the fifth inning Luis Rengifo chipped in with another homer. 5-0 Angels.

Reid Detmers gave up a homer to Elias Diaz in the bottom of the fifth inning. 5-1 Angels. Michael Toglia reached on a throwing error by Anthony Rendon and then Ezequiel Tovar homered to make in 5-3 Angels. there were still no outs at this point. Detmers struck out a guy and then was replaced by Jacob Webb who got out of the inning with no further scoring. Detmers did strike out six in this outing.

Brad Hand came in to pitch for Colorado. I think he already beaned somebody this spring so I felt a bit of trepidation. Anthony Rendon singled and Jake Lamb and Jared Walsh walked to load the bases with no outs. Mickey Moniak hit a grand slam. 9-3 Angels.

Chad Wallach walked whereupon Justin Lawrence replaced Brad Hand on the mound and got his three outs.

Brandon Drury singled in the top of the seventh inning. New third baseman Osmy Gregorio doubled to drive in Drury. 10-3 Angels. Jose Quijada pitched the bottom of the seventh and gave up a single, a wild pitch, and another single to make it 10-4 Angels. Then he gave up a double and Denzer Guzman made a fielding error to make it 10-5 Angels. A third single made it 10-6 Angels. Another double made it 10-7 Angels. There was only one out at this point and a man on second. A third double made it 10-9 Angels and Luke Murphy came in to replace Quijada. He got the last two outs before anybody scored.

Ivan Armstrong came in to pitch the bottom of the eighth inning and gave up a double to Brian Serven and a walk. The pinch runner for Serven had made it to third on a ground out. A second walk loaded the bases with two outs. Luckily, Jonathan Morales was out on a fly ball.

Aaron Hernandez came in to pitch the bottom of the ninth for the Angels. He got his three outs to save the game. The Angels won 10-9.

Photo credit: Rex Fregosi

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Ohviously we will barely win our division then barely win everything else. Rendon and Walsh continue to try to fool the fools who won’t be fooled. So foolish. Detmers 6/1 K/BB for 4+ innings makes me happy at this point. Don’t really care if he got hit around, not worried that’ll be a constant issue.

I heard a bunch of douchebags on the MSM radio talking about how Ohtani will head to FA and why would he sign here? He deserves DeGrom money PLUS Olson money, yarrrr! and all I could think was “Yes, let’s suffer the “shame” of him signing with some darling whale of a team. We can sign a solid starter and a hitter who can maybe do more than DH, go back to a five man rotation, trade away some starter innings for a closer, win many ballgames. Boo fking hoo.”

1 year ago

wives can be cruel. I was lamenting Quijada’s bad fortune to have had this outing now and my wife said “Who cares? He can suck in Salt Lake City”