All Time Angels (letter) R Team

Let’s assemble the best possible Angels team by letter of the alphabet to begin a player’s last name. Like the letter “i”, the letter “Q” did not have enough players to field a team so we move on to the letter R today. 79 men whose last name started with “R” played major league baseball in an Angels uniform.

C – Buck Rodgers
1B – Joe Rudi
2B – Johnny Ray
3B – Anthony Rendon
SS – Luis Rengifo

OF – Frank Robinson
OF – Mickey Rivers
OF – Rick Reichhardt

DH – Roger Repoz

The trouble with Buck is he caught more games than you could ever imagine but was not a great bat, probably cost the Angels many games over the years based on his total usage, but he was THE catcher. Ellie Rodriguez and his 112 OPS+ in 778 Plate Appearances as an Angel gets the short stick here. Despite Rodgers, this is a great lineup, though, the Angel R squad will score a shit-ton of runs.

SP – Nolan Ryan
SP – Garrett Richards
SP – JC Ramirez

RP – Francisco “Frankie” Rodriguez
RP – Minnie Rojas

Minnie Rojas over Hansel Robles is the only quibble in a stellar pitching staff. All in all the R team of Angels might be the best we have seen so far.

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24 days ago

I matched on the infield, Rivers, and Robinson, but I had Romanick in over JC Ramirez and Rivera over Repoz. For some reason, I skipped Reichhardt, but he should be in there over my DH choice of Ellie.

25 days ago

So why can’t Ellie be our catcher then. ? Didn’t he catch one of the Express’ No Nos?

Super Member
25 days ago

I think this is the best team we’ve seen so far, in terms of having a very good offense AND pitching staff.

I think on the pitching side we’d have to stipulate that we get a healthy and peak Richards. To go along with Ryan I like the top two… Then of course Frankie shutting things down at the end.

Also, Rivers, Ray, Rudi, Rendon and Robinson is a really good and balanced first half of a batting order.

Can we take 2020 Rendon please???

Last edited 25 days ago by JackFrost
Super Member
25 days ago

Surprised Juan Rivera wasn’t selected.

25 days ago
Reply to  Brent

Me too. We need a Repoz Redo. JR’s Angel OPS of .789 isn’t even close to Repoz .695. Then we should move the 37 year old/ 38 year old Robby back to DH. He was the original Angel DH and with the new rules being the reason we gave up so much for him.

25 days ago

That’s a very good R team. I’d have Joe Rudi in the OF over Rick Reichardt.

There’s some good depth as well such as:

Jerry Remy
Jerry Reuss
Harold Reynolds
Juan Rivera
Don Robinson

24 days ago
Reply to  Fansince1971

I don’t think he’s considering non-Angel performance which kind of leaves out guys like Reuss, Reynolds, and Don Robinson.

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