Angels Lose 3-0, get 2-Hit by the Padres

Angels visited the Padres at their spring home in Arizona today and got embarrassed. It was a B team away game again, this time with  Jose Suarez on the mound. As the likely 5th man on the 6 man rotation, it wasn’t the most exciting matchup, but hey, Baseball is on tv!



The Angels went down in order to start the game, with Rengifo, Wade, and Adell not doing anything.

 Jose Suarez started on the mound, and did the same to the Padres’ lineup, getting a quick 1-2-3 inning to start the game. Scoreless after 1.


Again, the Angels offense did nothing, Ward, Mayfield, and Thaiss all went down in order.

It was not as easy for Jose Suarez as he gave up a leadoff walk, a 1 out single, and a 2 out HBP to load the bases. He got a pop fly to thankfully end it without any damage. Still scoreless after 2.


Stefanic and Gatewood continued the no Angels baserunners, but Orlando Martinez did not get the memo and doubled for the Angels’ first hit. Rengifo then popped up to make that pointless.

Jose Suarez got the first out easy but was pulled by Maddon immediately afterwards. Pitch counts in Spring Training will unfortunately carry over most likely.  Emilker Guzman came in to finish the inning. Which he did rather seamlessly. Still scoreless after 3.

Suarez had a good outing


Wade, Adell, and Ward all went down in order in the 4th. Still only one baserunner all game for the Halos.

Archie Bradley had the 4th, retiring the side in order. Nearly had a collision as Rengifo cut off Stefanic for a ground ball, but no one was hurt. Still scoreless after 4.



Mayfield, Thaiss, and Stefanic all grounded out in the 5th. It was certainly a pitching duel.

The Angels had  AJ Ramos on the mound, and he gave up a lead off home run to give the Padres a 1-0 lead. A couple more hits scored another run before he could get out of the inning. 2-0 Padres after 5.


Yet another fruitless inning, Gatewood, Orlando Martinez, and Rengifo all had no luck at all.

Jimmy Herget pitched the bottom of the 6th, he almost pitched around a leadoff double, but couldn’t quite do so and another run scored. 3-0 Padres.


New inning, same result, as Maitan came in to not hit, and neither did Adell or Ward,

Oliver Ortega got the 8th and had an easy 1-2-3 inning. Still 3-0 Padres.


Wong and Mulrine got an at bat as well, not that they did anything but they got to pretend to help. Stefanic also almost beat out a groundball but was not fast enough. Still only 1 hit all game for the Angels.

Jose Marte had the 8th, and gave up the 7th hit of the day vs the Padres. & times more than the Angels. Still 3-0 after 8.


Trey Cabbage came in and immediately got a hit, hitting a slow roller to 3rd for a single. It was only the second hit of the game. The next 3 batters did nothing and the Angels lost 3-0.

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2 years ago

this is good news. When I stopped following the game we only had 1 hit.

...Rev Halofan
Trusted Member
2 years ago

I thought an Emilker was some kind of digital dairy device…

Jessica DeLine
Super Member
2 years ago

Pat and Denny were talking up the #1 Angels offense during this game so the blame is clearly on them.

2 years ago

Man we suck. Time to blow up the roster and rebuild.

red floyd
2 years ago
Reply to  Cowboy26

We’re wasting Trout. Sell him.

Reply to  red floyd

If Arte had just sold the team yesterday there’s no way we lose this game.