If I Was Perry 2024 Ground Rules

It is that time of year again when we put on our imaginary GM hat and get to work building the Angels team for next season.

Here are the ground rules:

In order to rosterbate reasonably, use the salaries in either the MLBTR prediction piece or the FanGraphs prediction piece. In the event the free agent you wish to sign is not ranked in the top 50, please use an estimate that is in line with the market for that position.

Trades are a lot of fun, but let’s try to keep them realistic. Run your trades through the baseballtradevalues.com simulator and made sure they are realistic. Tip: scrolling through the trades posted on that site might give you an idea or two. Or perhaps just use one of those.

Now comes the fun part, figuring out how much money you have to spend. Let’s make this easy and take a look at Cot’s baseball contracts. Last year the team had a record Opening Day payroll of $212.2 million. Currently the Angels have $144.2 on the books for Opening Day. Here’s a breakdown of the individual player salaries, which could factor heavily in trades.

Yes, that team was trying to win with Ohtani. But there’s no reason for a team that is publicly stating they will be “aggressive” to take a step back in payroll. So, $212.2 minus $144.2 equals a cool $68 million to spend.

Please start submitting your pieces as soon as you’d like.