All Time Angels (letter) T Team

Let’s assemble the best possible Angels team by letter of the alphabet to begin a player’s last name. Today is T. Only 36 men whose last name started with “T” played major league baseball in an Angels uniform. Can we make a team out of them?

C – Chris Turner
1B – Mark Teixeira
2B – Dickie Thon
3B – Matt Thaiss
SS – Wilfredo Tovar

OF – Mike Trout
OF – Lee Thomas
OF – Mark Trumbo

DH – Jason Thompson

With Mike Trout on your team there could be more than a few Turkeys out there and the W’s will still come for the T’s. And some of the other T’s here are not slouches.

SP – Frank Tanana
SP – Bob Turley
SP – Nick Tropeano

RP – Ken Tatum
RP – Ryan Tepera

About this squad, you could say “Tanana, then Turley, then we may as well bring out Mister Furley…” but how many of us get a latter-day Three’s Company reference?

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1 year ago

Dood. Dropping a Mr Furley reference. LMFAO. Don Knotts was a damn genius.

Super Member
1 year ago

Trout still needs a better supporting cast! But I like the Mr. Furley reference!

A few favorites here: Tanana, Trout, Trumbo, and Thon.

John Henry Weitzel
Super Member