Angels best Mariners in defensive-less game

As the WBC continues on, the Angels faced their rival fisher people up north in the Mariners. It was a game of two teams who have had hopes dashed yet have hope in their fanbases to maybe not suck this year.

Well, the players didn’t act like it, instead playing a sloppy game of bad fielding and lots of blaming the sun for being a deadly laser. Somehow, only the Angels got charged with errors, despite the bad fielding by the Mariners. In the end, the Angels won by committing slightly fewer defensive mishaps.

Highlighted Recap

Tucker Davidson had the bump today. An error threatened him in the first but he got out of it unscaved. Not so in the 2nd, as he allowed a run to score.

Luckily, the Angels responded with one of their own in large part due to AJ Pollock dropping the ball in LF.

LOLZ Mariners

Mariners scored again in the 4th thanks to former Angel Tommy LaStella.

I miss him

Angels in the 4th again tied it again due to, again, another AJ Pollock misplay. Again.

Yes, “double”

Then, in the 5th, the Angels took the lead, scoring without the aid of AJ Pollock.


And added another with some good hitting. But their third run of the inning was a gift, from a wild pitch this time. 5-2 Angels after 5.

Bad defense was all over today, but there was a good catch too, by Squid as an OF.

Good defense? Is that legal?

In the 6th, another Mariners bobble allowed the 6th run to score for the Angels. And ANOTHER allowed the 7th run. 7-2 Angels after 6.

Then, in the 7th, Jo Adell crushed it, breaking a windshield in the parking lot. 8-2 Angels.

But can he field?

Angels win 8-2!


At 10-5, the Angels are having a good spring. They play again tomorrow, maybe with gloves this time.

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Holy smokes! Tucky D! We’ve got a fever and the only cure is Tucky Tuck Tuck.

And I know it’s not just a dream, cause if all I’d done is huffed some Phosgene then Jordyn Adams would have had three more hits today. But he didn’t. This is real life people.

The Angels are gonna win all of everything. Clearly. Though, jokes aside, it does look like that OF we are stuck with with Renfroe/Ward/Trout/Phillips/Moniak/Adell/Infielders?/Walsh may not be the worstiest thing ever done to the CtPG SadSack.

“Hurrr dur shirtsterp no bono. Ahnd Etervest. I no fooled!”

Yes. I know. But the team doesn’t look all that bad over all. Padlo and Thaiss making life hard for the FO/Nevin.

1 year ago

Watch the game-Bet the game. This is stuff that will have implications in Major sports down the road, why it could even put Bookies out of business I’d bet.


Every time Ramsey gets in a guy’s face on one of these shows I just wish one of them had the balls to say “I…. can see…. your hair plugs…” Winner of food everywhere.