All Time Angels (letter) P Team

Let’s assemble the best possible Angels team by letter of the alphabet to begin a player’s last name. Today is P. 57 men whose last name started with “57” played major league baseball in an Angels uniform.

C – Lance Parrish
1B – Albert Pujols
2B – Cliff Pennington
3B – Tony Phillips
SS – Freddie Patek

OF – Albie Pearson
OF – Gary Pettis
OF – Luis Polonia

DH – Vada Pinson

The best of this thin lot is the underrated Lance Parrish, the motel madman Tony Phillips, the glove of Gary Pettis, the girlfriends of Luis Polonia and Albie Pearson.

You can read about how great the late Albie Pearson IN MY ESSAY FROM EARLIER THIS WEEK.

Pujols had an OPS+ of 108 over ten seasons with the Angels. He played in 1,181games for the Angels (of a possible 1,518 games in that span – while originally contracted for 1,620 games, the 2020 lockdown took 102 of those games away). He was paid $221,030,000 for that (2020 he received 37% of his salary and the Dodgers paid about $700,000 of his 2021 salary after he was released). So “The Machine” was compensated $187,154.95 to be eight percent better than a league average player. Try as I might, there was no better option here for 1B than the Elder Albatross. But any day, any time, anywhere, especially in Southern California, remember this formula:

Albie P > Albert P

SP – Matt Palmer
SP – Joel Pineiro
SP – Felix Peña

RP – Troy Percival
RP – Blake Parker

Percy the great is what matters most here although Blake Parker was excellent and squeaked onto this list past Yusmeiro Petit, wow what a front-office fumble that was.

When it comes to magic though, Percy’s final out of the 2002 World Series might actually be in second place to the combined no-hitter that Felix Peña took over and won in 2019 wearing the jersey number 45.

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25 days ago

I did my own one of these when the last one came out to try to predict your answers. I had the same except that I went with Palmeiro instead of Pinson. It’s a close call for me though. Pinson was better in a shorter timeframe (starter for two seasons). Palmeiro was around longer as a true fourth outfielder. Palmeiro could be there over Polonia too. Palmeiro’s World Series Ring gave him the edge for me.

For the OF/DH spots, I think two are clearly Pettis and Pearson. Both were solid starters for multiple seasons. Probably two of three of Palmeiro, Pinson, and Polonia. Here are their stats as Angels:

Palmeiro (8 seasons, 1705 PA, .281/.361/.348[BA/OBP/Slg]) 3.8bWAR
Pinson (2 seasons, 1028 PA, .267/.304/.372). 2.9bWAR
Polonia (4 seasons, 2347 PA, .294/.345/.358 with really bad defense). 2.4bWAR

Super Member
26 days ago

Need a spot for the Cobra – Pinson to OF, Parker to DH, and Polonia is off the squad

26 days ago
Reply to  RexFregosi

Parker was worth -1.2 bWAR for the Angels. Despite his noted lack of power, Polonia had as high of a slugging percentage as Parker as an Angel. Polonia hit .294/.345/.358 as an Angel 95 OPS+. Parker hit .232/.279/.358. Parker had the much better career, but as an Angel, Polonia was better.

26 days ago
Reply to  jco

Dante Bichette also had a much better career.

26 days ago
Reply to  Cowboy26

I agree, but not sure why it’s relevant here.

24 days ago
Reply to  jco

I mean, I know that Bichette was traded for Parker (in a trade that was terrible in both idea and execution), but not sure what that has to do with Polonia.

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