Angels Prospect Kenyon Yovan Shares His Incredible Baseball Journey

The Inland Empire 66ers are closing in on a division title and the closer on the mound is hard throwing Kenyon Yovan. At first glance, an undrafted free agent coming out of the bullpen in a low A game makes sense. But Kenyon’s story is anything but typical.

I don’t want to spoil the interview by giving too much away but suffice it to say that after hearing him you’ll have a new addition to your favorite prospects list.

If you are looking for a preview, this tweet is it:

I’d like to thank Kenyon for his time today and I encourage you to follow him on Twitter @kenyonyovan21 to keep up with his life and career.

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Super Member
1 year ago

2023 Trash Panda no doubt

Super Member
1 year ago
Reply to  ihearhowie3.0

Sometimes successful closers rise faster than that…..

Trusted Member
1 year ago

Thanks for that interview Jeff, it looks like we have another closer coming up who can also be a pinch hitter