Angels Thunder Past A’s, 7-2

Noah Syndergaard made his Angels debut as the Angels hosted the A’s. Everyone was here, as Mike Trout was back in the lineup as well. But it wasn’t the big names that impressed, although Thor did well for himself, but the role players, doing damage like sprinkles of rain in the Arizona desert.



Thor looked mortal as he allowed a run in the first. Although it was unearned, to be fair. Errors suck. 1-0 A’s.

Ohtani singled, and Trout walked, but Rendon flew out and Upton GIDP. Oh Upton, who is playing at first base seems like his old self. Still 1-0 A’s after 1.

Yes, he is ready


It was going to be a quick 1-2-3 inning, but Justin Upton botched it at first base by not being on the base when he caught the ball. Luckily, Stassi picked him up by throwing out the runner trying to steal second.

Matt Duffy started the second with a single, the second inning with a leadoff hit. Stassi grounded out, Ward fouled out, and Adell grounded out. Still 1=0 A’s.


Noah did finally get that 1-2-3 inning in his third inning of work.

David Fletcher singled, the third time in three innings with the leadoff man on. Ohtani struck out, but Trout walked to put 2 on for Rendon, again. He grounded out, but did advance both runners. Justin Upton came through this time, hitting a 2 run, 2 out single to give the Angels the lead.


2-1 Angels. Matt Duffy singled, but was picked off at first base to end the inning.


Thor almost got through a 4th inning before his pitch count was up, but a 2 out walk meant he was pulled. 3 and 2/3 of an inning with just 1 unearned run, 4k/1BB, and only 1 hit allowed.


Mike Mayers took over, and while he allowed another walk, he got out of it.

Jo Adell got a 2 out single after Stassi and Ward grounded out, but was stranded as Fletcher flew out. Still 2-1 Angels after 4.


Mike Mayers was out there again and got out of the 5th with great defense for once today.

The Angels went down in order for the first time today. Ohtani lineout, Trout groundout, and Rendon flyout. Still 2-1 Angels after 5.


D-Cell got his work in the 6th and while he did allow a leadoff double, he got out of it with the lead intact.

Upton popped up, but Duffy doubled for his third hit of the day. Thaiss came in to hit for Stassi and flew out. Taylor Ward singled in Duffy to make it 3-1 Angels.


Ryan Tepera went in for the 7th as the subs came in. He had himself a quick inning and preserved the lead,

The rain started to come down in Arizona, which was illegal, or something. Fletcher doubled after the stretch and Torii Hunter Jr came in to hit. David reached 3rd on a botched pickoff attempt, and Jr grounded out. Marsh came in and doubled to get the 4th run for the Angels. A wild pitch put him at third, and he scored on a Andrew Velazquez home run! 6-1 Angels.

That blows it open


Aaron Loup gave up a solo shot to start the 8th and more hits. It was partly the weather’s fault though. Partly. 6-2 Angels.

Orlando Martinez and Tyler Wade had back to back 1 out hits to get yet another run. 7-2 Angels.


Jose Quijada ended the game as the wind and rain raged on. It was a bit rocky in the rain, but it all worked out in the end.

Angels Win 7-2.

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2 years ago

I don’t know about the rest of you, but i’m ready to give Thor 7yr/240M!

Super Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Mia

At least – I mean think of inflation.

Jeff Joiner
2 years ago

Thor looked solid, one of Rendon’s errors is really on Upton, Mayers looked good, and the young outfielders looked good.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Joiner

I noticed on a couple of other plays at first that J Up seemed to be pulling his foot early off the bag almost before he had actually caught the ball. I’ve seen more seasoned first basemen do this in the past to try to get a close call their way but I’m not sure why Upton was doing it . Maybe he was afraid his foot would get stepped on?

Super Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Cowboy26

Garvey did it all the time.

Trusted Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Cowboy26

I noticed that too.

2 years ago

Great re-cap. The subs working hard to find roster positions. Fletch looked good today along with Duffy.

Bring Terry back as Spring Training TV game announcer, please.

Feeling optimistic about the upcoming season as pitching is looking solid, something that could not be said one year ago.

With the first month with the roster at 28 and the pitching staff at 13 spots that leaves room for some of the player’s fighting for position some space. On the “Bubble” are a few favs too. Will Capt. Jack make the cut, how about Ward or JUp, is the space for 3 catchers? Who starts at 2B? Velazquez or Wade, do they start out at the ML level?

C Stassi, Suzuki, Romine

1B Walsh, JUp, Mayfield

2B Duffy, Velazquez, Wade, Mayfield, Fletcher

3B Rendon, Duffy, Mayfield, Wade, Velazquez, Fletcher

SS Fletcher, Wade, Mayfield, Velazquez

LF Adell, Marsh, Ward, JUp

CF Trouty, Marsh, Ward (Gulp)

RF Marsh, Adell, Ward

DH Ohtani, anyone who is on the bench.

One has to go and I count 16 different names. If I had to make a decision it would be Justin Upton but the team probably won’t go that way as they do owe him over 20 million dollars. Neither Martinez or Rengifo, or Thaiss are named above. Rendon does not look healthy this Spring, so keeping Duffy and Mayfield to cover 3rd would be a smart move. Keeping Wade because you can’t teach speed would be prudent. So odd man out would be either Velaquez or Romine or again JUp.

If you keep JUp, Ward is odd man out in the OF. Problem is Ward can play RF and has the arm to be in RF. What about keeping a player like Thaiss to hit lefty’s. Wade is a lefty too.

Well I still am not including JUp or Thaiss. PTP and Joe are going to make some hard choices.

Super Member
2 years ago

Problem with releasing Upton is he will turn into Hank Arron for whom ever signs him.

Charles Sutton
Super Member
2 years ago

Nice day for Syndergaard. Rendon had a fairly crummy day, although Justin Upton sure didn’t help much with that.

Super Member
2 years ago

nice win

for some weather context, even with the wind and some rain, its still 75 F here and high was 82 F

real weather is coming tomorrow – true rain and high is supposed to be only 64 F. with the off day Wednesday, maybe no baseball again till Thursday