Angels add three members to their front office

New Angels general manager Perry Minasian is making progress on building his new front-office regime.

On Sunday, the Angels brought in three new names, all of whom worked with Minasian in his time with the Atlanta Braves.

The notable hire from this group is Alex Tamin, who has spent the last decade working for winning teams. Prior to spending the last three seasons (2018-2020) with the Braves as an assistant general manager and the director of MLB operations, he worked in the Dodgers front office. As the director of baseball operations (2011-2017), Tamin was credited with “creating the advanced player evaluation system that the Dodgers use”. An analytical mind with a deep knowledge of Sabermetrics and experience in the business side of baseball (arbitration cases), Tamin is a multi-faceted talent in the front office. In his director role with the Dodgers, he helped bring in quite the group of players.

It’s pretty clear that Tamin is a talented addition to the front office who will have the trust of Minasian. Working for two of the brightest organizations in baseball, Tamin has seen his teams win eight straight division titles (2013-2020). Having worked under Andrew Friedman in Los Angeles and Alex Anthopolous in both Los Angeles and Atlanta, Tamin will likely see an even bigger role with the Angels now.

Dominic Chiti and Rick Williams, meanwhile, will bring a very different yet vital element to the Angels’ front office. Chiti has been in the game of baseball as a scout and coach since 1982. The 61-year-old has worked in various roles with different organizations, whether it was as a bullpen coach for the Texas Rangers or Baltimore Orioles, or as a special assistant in the Braves’ front office.

Williams will also bring an old-school approach as a scout and coach. Williams, the son of Hall of Fame manager Dick Williams, has worked as a pitching coach for the Marlins (1995-1996) and Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2000) and as a scout for the New York Yankees, Braves, and now the Angels. Both Chiti and Williams will bring valuable scouting and coaching insights.

Hiring the analytically-sound Tamin and old-school-oriented Chiti and Williams are the first steps towards rebuilding the Angels’ front office. The organization not only fired Billy Eppler in late September but their aggressive furloughs and cuts this past summer created a void in the front office. With Minasian in place as GM and the hirings of Tamin, Chiti, and Williams, the Angels are moving in the right direction to start constructing their 2021 roster.

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Super Member
3 years ago

It’s difficult not to get one’s hopes up — these hires could be very good.

3 years ago
Reply to  Designerguy

It is, but I’m giving it a shot.


I like these hires, but what do I know? Still, seems like a good mix between the two old scout/coach types and Perry/Tamin. I kind of look forward to seeing what they do with our current farm and then seeing how they draft later this next year. I am kind of waiting to find out that Tamin will be in charge of hot dog sourcing and the other two will be used primarily as greeters seeing as how Arte will never allow scouting and analytics with his whole cabal and stuff.

All kidding aside though, I wonder how much having bought the stadium and land plus extending Trout has to do with things money wise. Arte would have paid 1/3 more money for Cole than he did Rendon last year. That’s actually a big shift from the past few years. Now he seems far more willing to blow money on ops than he used to. Maybe with a couple big spends of unknown size off his plate he’s more willing to spend future team earnings on today’s problems.

Last edited 3 years ago by gitchogritchoffmypettis
Trusted Member
3 years ago

By all accounts, Arte got a steal of a deal with the land and his net worth increased substantially.

Arte is also getting older, and while he can/will keep getting richer, the one thing he can’t buy more of is time.

Perhaps he has been around long enough now where he knows he needs to hire guys with strong organizational pedigrees and let run the show.

We have seen what an organization with a lot of money that’s well run can do (Dodgers). Arte doesn’t have Guggenheim money, but he is willing to spend, so maybe we are finally on the right path.

3 years ago

Very interesting 🤨

Super Member
3 years ago

This could be huge. Fingers crossed!

Jeff Joiner
3 years ago

Nice. I love the mix of analytics and scouting. Analytics will tell you what a player actually does but it takes a scout’s eye to see what a player might do with some development. And this does look like a front office that will be beefed up more than Angels norms.