LA Angels Thursday News Crash- Do-Si-Do Your Partner

We are well on our way to knowing the full free agent pool. Top lists of the most desirable free agents are already circulating. We still await the season of the non-tenders, but the great square dance of free agency is underway, at least according to the calendar. A la main left and do-si-do your partner. Let’s roll out some big signings!

Links About Angels Lore

This is the (proposed) 2021 Angels Spring Training schedule. This is the (proposed) 2021 regular season Angels schedule. We’ll see if the novel coronavirus will cooperate. MLB Trade Rumors has an article exploring the offseason outlook of the Angels. Maria Torres spends some time exploring the commonalities of the 14 known candidates for the Angels General Manager position. Bubba Harkins filed a lawsuit on a couple of defamation related theories against the Angels on August 28. The Angels filed a motion on Monday seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed. This is typical stuff and very predictable. Specifically, the motion is what is called an anti-SLAPP motion. SLAPP stands for “strategic lawsuit against public participation.” The Angels are arguing that the Harkins lawsuit is an attempt to stifle exercise of their free speech rights.

Mike Trout is losing his grip on being the best player in baseball because he eventually might have to break down and become a corner outfielder. Mookie Betts is the heir apparent to take over as the best player in baseball even though he already is a corner outfielder. You see, Betts was “all over the place” on defense and hit a home run in Game 6 of the World Series. (Very scientific.) The Angels have been in touch with Kolten Wong. So have at least five other teams.

News From Around Baseball

Trevor Bauer rejected the qualifying offer extended to him by the Reds. Alex Cora interviewed last Friday to get his old Red Sox job back. The Red Sox are playing hard to get. There are several other guys who have already had two interviews for the manager position including Sam Fuld. The Orioles have activated Trey Mancini now that he has completed his cancer treatments. The Mets just plucked 11 guys out of the dumpster, including speedy outfielder Mallex Smith. Smith can’t bat worth spit, but he can play center field which makes him a tolerable fourth outfielder/pinch runner off the bench.

Well timed photo of Noe Ramirez and Andrew Heaney credit: Rex Fregosi.

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Jeff Joiner
3 years ago

So owners don’t really know how much of a schedule they’ll have, whether that schedule will include fans in the stands, or whether the DH will be universal but teams are expected to start team building.

Got it.

Trusted Member
3 years ago

Dombrowski staying put in Nashville.
I’m really happy about this. Now let’s get a GM and get in on all the bidding!

3 years ago

Wong at second and Fletch at short is a possibility, but Fletcher at second and Simba at short makes for a good combo too.
Maria failed to mention me in the hunt for the GM position………….well that’s OK as I’m sure it was just an oversight and the call with arrive very soon, right?…….I’ll just sit here by the phone and wait, it shouldn’t be long now.
BTW has Arte pulled out the Steinbrenner card yet and apologized for not having a winning season? That will happen right after I receive my phone call.

Super Member
3 years ago

I think Simba (SS) and Fletch (2B) is not only a better combination, with more positional flexibility, but also a cheaper combination than Fletch (SS) and Wong (2B). I think we can get Simba back for 3/30 and it seems like Wong might be looking at 12M or more.

3 years ago

Nobody asked me ,but;

Is Sam Fuld related to Elmer? Mike Trout has had a long run as the best player in his sport, but being in the top ten is still an accomplishment I’d say. But he just might surprise everyone in 2021 and return to the top.

I Do Not see MLB playing 162 game schedule next season as California and Canada may throw a Monkey Wrench into the malay and limit the action and all teams may face playing in front of forced down attendance for separtration reasons.

14 candidates for the Halos GM spot, I’d say no stone is being left unturned.

Because there is a very weak Commissioner of MLB currently, guys that cheated are expected to continue to get jobs. Having a Back Bone is the hardest road to travel, but the results are more honest and rewarding for most. There is no doubt that Manfred and I see most things in a very different light.

If Walsh ends up a one year wonder making Trouty a first baseman makes a lot of sense. A considerable amount of Outfield Talent is coming up for the team and saving Trouty’s body might be in the best interest to his game.

3 years ago

Angels Great Jokester joins Brewers coaching staff
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