Fanpost: Just when you were ready to Tank, the Angels may have the Answer we all hoped for in Spring Training.

Give or take a couple years, the Angels usually start out the season slow and come alive after a month or so. Why should we think it be any different in a covid season. Just when you’re ready to accept Tank mode, the Angels will start to show up.

Edit: “The Angels showed up” by sweeping the Astros! Is the team starting to gel? Will Upton be streaky hot all month long after slumping the first month? Is Rendon ready to take his seat at the table? Is Angels pitching not as bad as we thought? Is the bullpen coming around? Or are we in for the Buttercup of a 12th-13th pick while missing the playoffs by one game? This article was written before the Astros series and now edited to include this 2002 comeback Angels squad that has taken the field in the last 4 games. Does this team have fight in them? Will Fletcher further add to this new fighting team? Is watching Angels Baseball going to be fun again? Yes!

The Angels were seemingly out of it and written off. They were trade deadline sellers and are now the topic of what if. I for one am ready for an Angels run.

Lets stop wasting Trout! Some fantastic plays and clutch hits have rejuvenated this lay back Joe team. I’m ready for the “Mad”don Team. It’s great to see the clubhouse jumping from their reclined seats. The upcoming schedule is light and hopefully the Padres and Dodgers are already in it and start to rest players at the end of our schedule.

Do we have a chance? (Insert Dumber and Dumber meme here)

Ladies and gentlemen… We have a chance!

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1 year ago

l don’t blame the hitting, but l think that pitching is to blame for us not receiving the first or second pick. Dang pitching from the starters has been overly impressive and has cost us. Gawd will it be to darn long to watch another Angels World Series as long as we are just a sub .500 team. 5 good hitters listed below with good fielding keeps us right at sub .500. Trouty, Fletch, Rendon, Simba, and maybe Ohtani or JUp. Catcher, pitching, pitching, and more pitching. And that is hoping that Walsh is the real deal. Go Angels, we are fans for life. Sometimes l just wish l could root for the Drogers, but can’t pull the trigger on that, so suffer l will until another miracle takes place. Trouty is until we win the pennant another Erie Banks, sad but true.What a great day for a ballgame, let’s play two………

1 year ago

You’re never as hot nor as cold as you seem. We should be careful not to expect winning 7-6 or 9-8 consistently. The pen is a mess and that doesn’t often fix itself quickly. I believe in our starters but even if they can continue to string good outings together we need stability in relief.
That said Upton seems to have found himself so (pending Fletch’s return) we should have competent ABs from every spot in the lineup. Being a tough out is enough with Simba, Fletch, Rendon, Upton and Trout on their games. It’d be nice for Ohtani to come round too. Let’s enjoy the ride!

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1 year ago

Hopefully Barreto comes back, because when he starts we win!

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1 year ago

Pretty muscled guy for a small SS.

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1 year ago
Reply to  2002heaven

Must have drank that Oakland juice.

Him and Laureano could’ve been the new Bash Brothers

1 year ago

I don’t know if the pitching will give them a chance, but these guys are ready to hit. It’s interesting because it’s the type of lineup that can go out there and score 6 runs a night when they’re hot, and do it for an extended period. I wouldn’t be shocked if that keeps them alive until the last week and then it’s just a toss up.