Angels Offday ZoomChat: Sweep!

Get out those BROOMS !

In a heightened state of ecstasy, Rev Halofan and John Henry Weitzel chat via Zoom about the Angels suddenly abandoning Team Tank as they swept the Astros and gave us all a little (approximately 6%) hope to make the playoffs!

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3 years ago

funny headline about Victor’s mistake at AOL…

“Angels announcer flubs ninth-inning call”
funny because it’s a flub of its own

3 years ago

Great interview. Put those Angel wings on and flap like crazy for the last 18 games.

3 years ago

Did Bobby Thompson hit the pennant winning HR off Ralph Branca in ’52, yup. Did Juan Marichal hit Johnny Roseboro with a baseball bat, yup. Did at different times Bud Selig and Barry Bonds and a lot of others lie about the players steroid use in MLB, yup. Has Rob Manfred not told the truth about MLB employing a “Superball” for 5 seasons, yup. Lastly have l been vocal about the positive side of what appeared to be the Halos tanking, yup. While it is fun for a temporary fix that we enjoy a winning streak of sorts we will in the long run be again just below .500 and draft in the middle somewhere and not change a thing and we all will be moaning about the state of the Angels far into the future because of this said winning streak. While being happy for the team’s individuals on offense especially for doing well or coming out of slumps l do not see how this really does anything to have the team move forward. The symptoms of poor pitching and all the rest of the issues have not ever been addressed so while the excitement prevails over an 8-3 record in the last 11 it is in no way going to get us to be perennial contenders as much as having one good piece of the puzzle would have. So l will have fun with this turn of events while it happens you folks know that this team will never get to the World Series and that should be the goal.

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