LA Angels Monday News Crash: Masking Insecurities

Photo credit: Rex Fregosi

Angels News

It’s been one year and one day since the combined no hitter in honor of Tyler Skaggs. Joe Maddon said, concerning David Fletcher, it was “love at first double.” Jaime Barria was looking good on Friday. With Julio Teheran on the IL, we might be needing him to step up this year. Once again Albert Pujols is healthy to start the season. He’s supposedly feeling better than he has in years.

News From Around Baseball

Kevan Smith discusses the difficulties of wearing a mask in Florida. One of his teammates even got called a pansy for wearing a mask in public. What the hell’s the matter with people? Maybe they should wear something like this over the cloth mask. I wonder if any of the Angels minor league players will make it to Europe. Would it be worth it? I wonder how much money baseball in Europe pays. Aroldis Chapman tests positive for coronavirus and is showing mild symptoms. There were five bids for the Mets. We’ll see who wins.

The pandemic has been going on long enough that guys are testing negative twice and coming back to summer camp. Scott Kingery, Joey Gallo, and Socrates Brito.

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3 years ago

Albert always feels better than he has in years, then he goes and hits .230 with 0 WAR.

60 games will help him, though. I think.

Trusted Member
3 years ago

In response to Kevan Smith, I just got back from a week in FL. Went all over – Tampa, Fort Myers, Key West, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. The majority of people WERE wearing masks. I wore a mask the whole time and not once got a negative comment or weird look. Servers in every restaurant and store were all wearing masks. It was pretty much the same as So Cal.

Also, I couldn’t link it, but did y’all notice in the Trout HR footage that he was sans mask? Also also, I didn’t like seeing him trying to rob Ohtani’s HR, too dangerous to risk injury in an intersquad practice.

Super Member
3 years ago

Nice to hear about Barria looking good. Not nice to be reminded that Max Stassi is still on the team.

Super Member
3 years ago

Didn’t Albert have the surgeries late after the 2018 season ended? Delaying his 2019 return a few months?

Also having COVID-19, then testing negative, only means you can still have it again. Even WORSY than the first time.

But Kevan is a catcher. He is supposed to wear a mask.

Trusted Member
3 years ago

I see that Heaney is off to a good start already giving up 2 HR’s to lefty’s, Goodwin and Ohtani. So will he be able to keep it in the ball park this season?