LA Angels Weekend News Crash: stalled

Good morning Angels fans. Hope you are safe and not feeling too bad. Because the links today are hard to swallow.

Sad News

Things are still bleak as the two sides of MLB still can’t agree. Players feel that MLB isn’t giving a counter proposal.

The MLBPA issued a joint statement decrying the short season plan. This was after a conference call of at least 100 players.

Carl Crawford was arrested for domestic violence.

Torii Hunter revealed that he had a No Trade Clause for Boston because of their racist fans.

Texas teams get to have fans at their stadiums if baseball resumes. Even if no one else can. Astros once again keep getting away with it.

Mets in more trouble as the debt for Citi Field has been downgraded.

Other News

College Baseball returned in a way with a Texas invitational.

Bitmoji man is confident that a season will be played because the owners believe that Manfred will force the 50 game season.

When games come back, announcers will call games remotely from their home stadiums/home. So a bit like the Big Fly Baseball show but actually covering the game.

An expert on negotiations has explained that the current one in baseball now are typical and we just do not hear them usually. Big if true.

Korean Minor leagues will use robot umps. It’s happening!

KBO has an official US store site now. Only ships to NY though. Boo.

Angels News

California state law makes the Angels (and A’s) furloughs muddy.

Want a Mike Trout Topps Project? Comment on Twitter. Or on this one.

Or you can buy a new Mike Trout card. Decade’s best is an understatement.

Want an Angles team Calendar? Fans made one and you can buy it. Personally, I find it eerie. Mostly because 2020 is cursed.

Jo Adell is still practicing his swing. Oh yeah, since he is not on the 40 man roster, if there is no season, he gets no service time. (Service time for no season is just whatever you had last season.)

Anything I missed? Post for upvotes.

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Trusted Member
4 years ago

I would say that Millenium’s Best is an understatement for Mike Trout.

Super Member
4 years ago

The old place has Keith Law saying the BillArte’s taking NC State C Patrick Bailey @ #10
Just exactly what I don’t want to see. Catcher’s suck these days, and i don’t have a answer as to why other than maybe it’s because being a catcher sucks ( who wants to be in a crouch position, especially if you’re in a traditionally the worst non athletic player on a baseball team ). It’s a high wear and tear position and yet BillArte still refuses to invest in good arms.

4 years ago

I would give ANYTHING to be 14 games out of first right now.

Trusted Member
4 years ago
Reply to  Mia

See, that is baseball. I couldn’t agree with you more, Mia. And I say that as one whose Angels fanship was formed in the late Sixties and early Seventies.

I can take all the other crap that’s been happening and is continuing to happen. What I can’t take is no baseball.

And I blame the owners for this current impasse, for the most part. Sure, they are businessmen, and I would be at least somewhat sympathetic to their position if they were forthright with their calculations of unsustainable losses if the MLBPA’s proposal were enacted.

But they haven’t been, apparently. And they are completely shirking their role as custodians of the game, which is shameful, and contrary to the spirit behind their anti-trust exemption.

So I think they should lose it, if they do not come to some sort of compromise with the MLBPA.

4 years ago
Reply to  rspencer

Yeah, reports today say the season is likely dead.

This may just be the worst year I have personally lived through. And it’s only June!

What’s next, aliens? Volcano eruption? Cthulhu? Thanos?

Charles Sutton
Super Member
4 years ago
Super Member
4 years ago

Torii’s comment just makes me hate Bahstan fans even more. I didn’t think that was possible.

4 years ago
Reply to  Designerguy

I believe Adam Jones had a run in with that fan base as well a few years ago.

Super Member
4 years ago

Fangraphs just posted their top 31 Angels prospects
1 Jo Adell 21.2 AAA LF 2021 65
2 Brandon Marsh 22.5 AA CF 2020 55
3 Jordyn Adams 20.6 A+ CF 2023 50
4 Kyren Paris 18.6 R SS 2024 45
5 Arol Vera 17.7 R SS 2025 45
6 Patrick Sandoval 23.6 MLB LHP 2020 45
7 Jeremiah Jackson 20.2 R 3B 2022 45
8 Hector Yan 21.1 A LHP 2023 40+
9 Chris Rodriguez 21.9 A+ RHP 2021 40+
10 Alexander Ramirez 17.8 R RF 2023 40+
11 Jahmai Jones 22.8 AA 2B 2021 40+
12 D’Shawn Knowles 19.4 R CF 2023 40+
13 William Holmes 19.5 R RHP/CF 2023 40+
14 Jose Soriano 21.6 A RHP 2022 40+
15 Trent Deveaux 20.1 R CF 2023 40+
16 Jack Kochanowicz 19.5 R RHP 2024 40
17 Sadrac Franco 20.0 R RHP 2023 40
18 Michael Hermosillo 25.4 MLB RF 2020 40
19 Adrian Placencia 17.0 R 2B 2024 40
20 Leonardo Rivas 22.7 A+ 2B 2020 40
21 Orlando Martinez 22.3 A+ LF 2022 40
22 Aaron Hernandez 23.5 A+ RHP 2021 40
23 Garrett Stallings 22.8 R RHP 2022 40
24 Gabriel Tapia 18.0 R RHP 2024 35+
25 Jared Walsh 26.8 MLB 1B/LHP 2020 35+
26 Robinson Pina 21.5 A RHP 2022 35+
27 Oliver Ortega 23.7 AA RHP 2020 35+
28 Livan Soto 20.0 A SS 2022 35+
29 Jose Bonilla 18.2 R 3B 2024 35+
30 Stiward Aquino 21.0 R RHP 2022 35+
31 Connor Higgins 23.9 A+ LHP 2022 35+

4 years ago
Reply to  RexFregosi

If you have a 70 level prospect who cannot play, does he make a sound?

4 years ago
Reply to  RexFregosi

Even though released.

Where’s Baldoquin?