LA Angels Thursday News Crash: Split Personalities

Obvious News

The MLB Players Association is expected to reject the proposed sliding scale pay reduction.  The sliding scale pay reduction is panned by this writer as an attempt to create a divide between the richer players and the not so rich players.  Several other writers took this position yesterday. While this writer, on the other hand, thinks it is an ineffective strategy.  He turns around and suggests that a divide might be possible between the rich owners and the even richer owners.  (Even the writers are divided, so if the purpose was to confuse everybody it is working.)  Obviously, Major League ball players are going to spit. 

Not So Obvious News

At least the warring parties have managed to agree on the universal designated hitter. 

Angels News

The Angels have opened their facilities in both Anaheim and Tempe for limited workouts.  Players must use proper social distancing and the maximum size of a group is four.  The Angels Baseball Foundation awarded 24 college scholarships. 

Things To Do

Crafty Dog’s chili cheese dog recipe is here.  Today’s coloring page is the Rally Monkey sliding feet first with no oven mitt. 

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Me- “Ungh. It’s been almost a year since I have watched meaningful baseball. It’s getting to the point where I have found a bunch of better things to do with my time. “Covid Ball” sounds pretty lame, I’m not sure if I’m going to get all excited about listening to various talking heads alternate between moaning about the disease and slathering platitudes on the chunks of society that need a good heavy petting for being so brave during all this as out of practice ball players suck at a sport while staying super cereal safe and away from each other in front of pumped in crowd noise and birds. Maybe I’ll just learn to play guitar or get into hockey….”

MLB Players and Owners- “Would it help if we started squabbling about money and who has what rights so the season is even shorter and more stunted, malformed and weird? How about if we do that, then throw in a bunch of wanky bullshit next year too when our CBA runs out? Will that keep you from losing interest in baseball?”

Me- “Nope”

Players- “What if we explain how unfair those super rich owners are? Will that make all of this something you come to enjoy?”

Owners- “Heh? We couldn’t hear that over our private jet’s engines!”

Me- “I should just get way more into painting and video games. Why can’t you just STFU and entertain me since that is actually your only real value to me?”

MLBPA- “Did we mention those owners are super rich and they are trying to take large chunks of the money we will need to live 300 years to spend? It’s just like war or something else totally bummer. Are you having fun now!?! YEAH!!!”

Owners- “We like to hunt poor people in Belize.”

Me- “I wonder if I could learn Ausie Rules Football….”

In all seriousness, I don’t give a shit who you want to blame, if the Angels follow several years of suck with months of Covid panic whining, then blow off the 2020 season with money squabbles, THEN swing into a sweet sweet labor dispute I’m not sure I’m latching back onto this particularly old and saggy teet for my entertainment milk.

Trusted Member
4 years ago

Out of curiosity, has anyone here heard of anyone on the owners’ side of this? Because I haven’t.

On the one hand, it’s hard for me to believe that there will be no baseball this season, because both sides stand to lose a great deal if that happens. On the other hand, they’re running out of time, and the owners don’t look like they’re going to back down. And the players shouldn’t.

Super Member
4 years ago

The spitting, was at the top of my list of reasons the season will be canceled back at the beginning.

A lot of players are so full of themselves, there was no way they could get everyone to cooperate in most of the health safety side of returning to the field. If they do play, it will get worse as the season continues.

It’s not like playing during wartime. Where when you are putting on a baseball uniform, your chances of dying because of the situation, are slim to nil. There is no incentive for the players to go on the field during all of this. Who are they playing for, and for why?

4 years ago

new proposal from the owners: Players must pay to play. Since owners will lose $4 billion to have half a season with no crowds.

Now, by a fascinating coincidence, the total salaries for 2019 is $3,961,526,127.00. So it’s only right that players forego their entire salaries so that both players and owners end up with zero.


Jessica DeLine
Super Member
4 years ago

I might have to make that chilli cheese dog and yell at random TV shows. Will feel just like I’m watching the Angels!

Super Member
4 years ago
Reply to  Jessica DeLine

Random? I know who/what I’m yelling at, always. Not going to take the fun out of it. By the way, fake stress relief is not real stress relief.

Here’s a great way to make chili dogs.