LA Angels Wednesday News Crash: Negotiations

Good morning Angels Fans! Let’s see what links we have for today!

Trout Facts

Can’t believe I forgot to include this last week. Fangraphs has a new piece on why Trout’s 2010’s was one of the best all time.

Trout is one of 4 players to have 60 home runs and 50 SB through age 21. And the only one to go 60/60.

MLB 2020 Season Start Debate

As the players union discusses what to do with the MLB official proposal to start the season, takes are as wild and hot as ever.

The retired Mark Teixeira says he would take pennies off the dollar to play. Says the guy who literally went to the Yankees because they gave him the biggest contract.

Doolittle is raising concerns about the whole ordeal and worries about safety. He wants to play which is why he is asking questions about the plan.

Trevor Rosenthal sees baseball as a way to show how to go back to work safely for everyone.

Passan wants people to not get pessimistic as both sides have way too much to lose on this. Yeah I am still going to be pessimistic, sorry. The leaders in charge on both sides have proven to muck things up constantly.

Kaplan takes the Homer Simpson approach, both sides should hurt in the negotiations. I mean, if it works, but there is also the CBA to worry about.

Joel Sherman reports that this will take a few days. Haven’t even talked the money yet.

Owners say that they will lose more money by paying players than if there are no games at all. At least according to Bitmoji. He is a known Boras mouthpiece.

Speaking of Boras, he is saying that MLB already made an agreement months ago and they need to honor it.

Other stuff

Oh no. $The city of Anaheim has allowed Arte to think over the stadium land deal for 3 more months. Which means the situation isn’t over with and we could have uncertainty for the team.

It has been 10 years since the imperfect game. Galarraga wants MLB to fix it.

Kevin James misses baseball. We all do, Kevin.

Walkoff in the KBO with no fans. If there are no fans this season it is going to be eerie.

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Rahul Setty
Trusted Member
4 years ago

Please mic up the players, please!!

Super Member
4 years ago
Reply to  Rahul Setty

But then we could hear Altuve’s uniform buzzing.

red floyd
4 years ago

From the Fangraphs article:

Trout’s remarkable run requires more superlatives than my brain can muster, so let’s just agree that Mike Trout is really, really good.

H.T. Ennis
Super Member
4 years ago
Reply to  red floyd

Yeah, that article is absolutely amazing

red floyd
4 years ago

U-Haul also went to the MFY because his wife kept his balls in her purse, and she wanted to go to New York.