LA Angels Thursday News Crash- Open Sesame!

Photo credit: Rex Fregosi

Here is an update on the progress of the negotiations between the teams and the players.  They have begun their discussions of roster issues and are leaving the thorny issue of player salary cuts for later.  Trevor Bauer thinks the plan is “laughable.”  Major League Baseball teams are preparing to furlough some of their employees beginning in June.  There is no word yet about what the Angels will do.  The Governor of Florida says that all professional sports are welcome there.  The Governor of Arizona says that professional sports can resume May 15.  Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom says we can have baseball in Stage 3, whenever that is, while Los Angeles County says forget about it for the foreseeable future.  Sorry Dodgers fans!

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Jason Castro has been keeping himself in baseball shape all along up at his cabin in the mountains.  At least there’s that.  Here is an article about the Burlington Bees, one of the 42 minor league teams who may potentially lose their big league affiliations.  Now we have a Rally Monkey coloring page.  Meanwhile, here is a recipe for Pan Roasted Chicken Breasts from Jaye Maddon. 

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4 years ago

I’m excited about the possibility of the season, in any form, happening. Can’t wait to see the Red Baron bringing the Sunshine! Whoo-ee!!!!


Super Member
4 years ago

now here is some live Angel baseball news. it is not a look back at past triumphs, past players or past games.
it is not Rosenthal reporting “talks”
it not MSM tweeting about their cat

this is a live report from the Tempe Diablo Angels Minor League baseball complex today right now.

bored and curious, i drove up to Tempe Diablo to see what was happening there this fine Sonoran desert morning. i hadn’t been up there since late February. i pulled in and saw no more than 10 cars parked at the minor league baseball building as well as a delivery truck and did a quick walk around. all doors were locked and no signs of anyone but the grass was being water on the fields. the batting cages were locked up too.

as i turned the corner the Sysco driver said he had a food delivery (15 cases) for me. I said I wasn’t the guy he was looking for and i didn’t work there. I asked him if he knocked on the door. He said he did but no one answered. Then i asked him the most pertinent question i could think of – “how often are you delivering here?”

He said he makes a delivery about twice/week.

so that my news and i was basically what i expected. there have to be a handful of players still there, most i’d guess Dominican/Venezuelan minor leaguers that don’t have much reason to return to their homeland. I’d guess at 830 am they were in meetings or hanging about inside. maybe a bit later this morning they’d take some field practice i’m guessing or working out inside in the weight room.

enjoy your day.

Super Member
4 years ago
Reply to  RexFregosi

Thanks for the update. Hopefully there will be more action there soon.