Top 100 Angels #87 Chris Iannetta

The Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels have played almost 60 seasons of baseball. As the baseball world is suspended due to circumstances outside its control, it is time to look back at the history of this organization. There have been many talented players to put on the uniform, and we at Crashing the Pearly Gates wish to highlight the best who have ever represented the Angels. Without further ado, here we go!


#87 – Chris Iannetta

Chris Iannetta, also known as Destructobeam, was the best Angels catcher of the 2010’s. Acquired in a trade with the Rockies, he played 4 seasons with the Halos, 3 of them being above average offensively. With a 105 overall OPS+, he was not a catcher that was a black hole in the lineup. Even on his down year offensively, he was at his best behind the plate (At least according to Fangraphs).

He didn’t have enough PA to rank on the rate stats for Angels franchise history, but if he did, his 105 OPS+ would tie him with notable power hitters like Garret Anderson, Kole Calhoun, and Scott Spiezio. Being above average offensively at catcher matters, and it earned him 3.2 offensive BWAR in 2014 and 125 OPS+.

Destructobeam is most likely remembered for catching Jered Weaver’s no hitter. Other notable accomplishments include catching the young Angels arms and for walking off teams. Also making Verlander cry.

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