Alex Cobb Makes Former Team Look Bad

It would suck to watch the Orioles every day, wouldn’t it? Alex Cobb of the 5.09…

Impressively Sad Skid Maintained in Tampa

In other news: Arte takes out trademark on "At least we have Mike Trout for life"

Angels Go Out for Cigarettes After 5th, Don’t Come Back Home Again

They'll send you a card once a year though.

The Angels Are Fun in 3rd Straight Tigers Beatdown

At least until the next time they lose.

Angels Announce Intention to Participate in 5th Inning Home Run Derby

Can we all just take a moment to dig the long ball?

Taylor Ward Grand Slam Overshadows Baddoo Baserunning

What was once a pitchers' duel devolved in true Angels (and probably Tigers) fashion. Halos win…

Patrick Sandoval Throws as Well as You Can Ask For in 9-5 Loss

Angels arms have been electric, even when the bats haven't

Ohtani Sundays Part 2: Umpire Boogaloo

Angels lose a heartbreaker in extras. Ohtani returns to the mound and started the day strong…