Angels Best Cards in Red Off

The Angels were so bad lately that any win would be a miracle. With no one, not even the manager trusting them anymore, how will this team respond?

With 4 runs in the first inning of course! That’s Baseball everyone. Even when you suck, you can still win A game every so often, and the Angels win one every series. 2? Don’t get greedy. But 1, yes.

So Canning was lucky enough to be the pitcher today on a winning day. He went 6 innings, giving up 1 runs on 5 hits, striking out 5 and walking 3. And he left with a good chance to have a win.

Could he keep it though? Or will the Angels blow it. Again? No worries, they won this one. For once.

Highlighted Recap

The Angels scored first thanks to a Nolan home run!

1-0 Angels

And Willie doubled in another run!

2-0 Angels

Pillar drove in the 3rd run of the inning!

3-0 Angels!

And then he scored on a wild pitch!

4-0 Angels

A 4 run lead right away, Canning was certainly happy. He held that until the 6th, when he allowed a solo shot.

4-1 Angels

But that was the only blemish. Besides, Neto got that run right back.

5-1 Angels

And then Taylor “Blake” Ward hit one as well in the 7th.

6-1 Angels

And why not let M-I-C-K-E-Y get in on the action with an rbi as well?

7-1 Angels

They would need them as Garcia allowed a run in the 8th.

7-2 Angels

Not even Esteves could blow it and Angels win!


No game tomorrow, because Thursdays are no game days apparently. But on Friday is the first AL West Game of the season! In MID MAY! WHAT?! WHO MADE THE SCHEDULE!?

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2 days ago

24 hours seems like 100 years ago


Super Member
2 days ago

Canning got actual run support?

2 days ago

Wash needs to throw his players under the bus more often!

comment image

Super Member
2 days ago

This doesn’t remove the stink from yesterday’s debacle.

Super Member
2 days ago
Reply to  MarineLayer

One rec for usage of debacle.

2 days ago

Moves us ahead of Colorado into 28th best

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