All Time Angels (letter) V Team

Let’s assemble the best possible Angels team by letter of the alphabet to begin a player’s last name. Today is V as we skipped the letter “U” because U Stink! Ha ha, okay the real reason is that only two players have ever had a last name start with “U” to play for the Angels. “U” joins “i” and Q” on this list – too few. Meanwhile, 20 men whose last name started with “V” played major league baseball in an Angels uniform.

1B – Mo Vaughn
2B – Randy Velarde
3B – Luis Valbuena
SS – Andrew Velasquez

OF – Max Venable
OF – Ellis Valentine
OF – Bobby Valentine

DH – Bill Voss

The second of our Letter teams with no Catchers (J was the other one), but it does have two Valentines!

SP – Julio Valera
SP – Ismael Valdez
SP – Jason Vargas

RP – John Verhoeven
RP – Jose Valdez

A terrible squad and pen, call it the Exxon Valdez if you want to insist it is a shipwreck not a trainwreck.

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Trusted Member
1 year ago

If you want to stretch it to get a catcher, Bobby Valentine once caught an inning for the Mariners. You could put him at catcher and add Victorino to the OF.

red floyd
1 year ago

You could have joined I and J (ask Indiana Jones for why), and similarly, you could have joined U and V, though I don’t know if we had a “U” catcher.

1 year ago

Why did you have to do this one Rev?! Mo Vaughn?! I never needed to see that name again. 😵‍💫

Super Member
1 year ago

Exxon Valdez…yuk yuk good one!!

1 year ago

Im sure Ismael doesn’t think it’s a good one.