Author Dan Good talks with CtPG

When Ken Caminiti confessed to using steroids it was national news. Really, it was the first true confession and led to a watershed moment in baseball. Author Dan Good has an upcoming biography on Ken Caminiti that I’m really enjoying and he took some time to speak with me.

If you’re looking for an Angels tie in, the parrallels between Caminiti and Tyler Skaggs aren’t hard to find. Two guys who lived hard and took whatever was needed to stay on the field.

However, I do think Caminiti’s story deserves telling. He was a star, his confession rocked baseball and really added to the push for testing. And the best parts happened right down the 5 from Anaheim.

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1 year ago

Another gem, with 3 members commenting. We at CtPG sure do show our appreciation for only baseball related articles 🙄

Rahul Setty
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1 year ago

Nice work, Jeff!

Super Member
1 year ago

Looks like I will be buying a book soon. Nice job Jeff!

1 year ago

cool vid, Jeff! sounds like an interesting read.