Angels Lose to Cubs 5-4 via a Walkoff

On a day that Perry ruthlessly cut Hot Pockets out of the Angels’ diet, the Angels faced the Cubs on the last Cactus league game of 2022. Spring Training had come to an end, the short stint now over. While real games still don’t happen until the 7th, the Angels will be playing in MLB ballparks now.

Patrick Sandoval got his last game in before the season started, going 4 and 2/3 innings, allowing 2 runs on one bad pitch to a Japanese star. No, not Ohtani.

Next time it’s for real



Tyler Wade singled to start the game. Matt Duffy grounded out, moving the runner to second. Jose Rojas got a hit that was ruled an error, scoring Tyler Wade. 1-0 Angels!

Patrick Sandoval gets his last Spring Training start, and starts with a quick 1-2-3 inning.


Marsh reached on an error, and moved to second on a Stassi single. A passed ball moved the runners over, and Marsh scored on a Mayfield groundout. 2-0 Angels!

Sandy allowed a leadoff walk, but pitched out of that pickle, still 2-0 Angels after 2.


Things went oddly as Rojas hit a 2 out error double off the glove of the Cubs’ CF. He didn’t score but Rojas left right after for a pitch runner. Not even those players are getting much playing time today as the last spots in the roster are getting playing time.

As the subs came in around him, Patrick Sandoval went out for his third inning of work, allowing a baserunner but no runs. Still 2-0 Angels after 3.


For the 4th, the only action was an Aaron Whitefield 2 out walk, as players even I haven’t heard of are in now.

Things were going well for Sandy, but a bloop and a blast ties the game up. Seiya Suzuki, the new Japanese star to come to America did this. Feels a bit like when Shoemaker pitched in that Japan series. 2-2 After 4.


Stefanic and Braxton Martinez drew walks but both were stranded.

Patrick Sandoval pitched into the 5th, but a 2 out walk ended his day. Archie Bradley came in to finish the 5th. 2-2 Angels after 5.

Sandy Man


The Angels went down in order in the 5th, with all 3 Halo batters striking out.

Bradley pitched the 6th as well, and while things got dicey, no runs scored.


It was another fruitless inning by the Angels, but with 3 groundouts this time.

Austin Warren pitched the 7th and despite walking the first two batters, got out of it with a GIDP and a flyout. Still 2-2 after 7.


Braxon Martinez and Kyle Kasser singled to start the 8th. They both moved over on a Ryan Aguilar sac bunt.  Preston Palmeiro singled both runs in, giving the Angels the lead once again. 4-2 Angels!

Zac Kristofak pitched the 8th, and he had a bit of a scare, but made it through with the lead intact. 4-2 Angels after 8.


Arol Vera had a 2 out single and Braxon Martinez walked but that was it for the 9th.

For the final 3 outs, it was up to Zac Kristofak, who already pitched last inning. It did not go as planned, as back to back hits out the tying run on second base. A three run blast would lose the game. So, yes, a three run blast lost the game.

Angels Lose 5-4.

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Super Member
1 year ago

Is tomorrow’s game only on the dodgers channel?

1 year ago
Reply to  LanaBanana

My13 looks like

Super Member
1 year ago
Reply to  Mia

Ah, yes it is. Oddly it doesn’t come up on 13 when I do a search. Only the dodgers channel comes up.

Charles Sutton
Super Member
1 year ago

That cactus is flippin’ me the bird.

Trusted Member
1 year ago
Reply to  Charles Sutton

I was questioning the article author’s creative vision/intent with that photo.

Jeff Joiner
1 year ago

Dusky see much. Sandoval looked decent, most of the real lineup was back home.