Davis Daniel Talks with CtPG

Davis Daniel is probably the hottest prospect in the Angels system right now. After winning two Pitcher of the Week awards in High A, he was named one of the best players in all of minor league baseball for the month of June. That dominance led to a promotion to AA last week.

He took some time to catch up today. For those of you who don’t remember, Davis Daniel pitched only one game his junior year at Auburn. He injured his elbow and needed Tommy John surgery. However, the Angels selected him in the 7th round of the 2019 draft based on his upside and planned on easing him into action in 2020.

Minor league baseball obviously didn’t happen in 2020 so this is Daniel’s first taste of professional ball. Thus far, the upside that made him the Alabama player of the year in high school is surfacing.

For those of you who would like to follow him on his rise to Anaheim, he’s @Davis_Daniel13 on Twitter.

Please enjoy the interview.

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Rahul Setty
Trusted Member
3 years ago

Nice interview Jeff.

3 years ago

Good stuff Jeff. Always love these interviews with the kids.

Trusted Member
3 years ago

Thanks Jeff, I always love your interviews.
Thanks to DD too for taking his time .
Haven’t seen him actually pitching but good to see how he is climbing up the pipeline and will certainly be rooting hard for him when he eventually arrives to the Majors.

Turk's Teeth
Super Member
3 years ago

Good questions – hadn’t grokked how close Rocket City was to Daniel’s hometown.

Definitely an interesting crew assembling at AA between C-Rod, Detmers, Tyler, Daniel and Criswell. Would love to see that kind of differentiated depth at AAA.

3 years ago

Thanks Jeff and wishing Davis continued success, Hope to see both Mr. Daniels and Mr. Detmers at the Big A soon..

Trusted Member
3 years ago

Great interview! Thanks Jeff for doing this and to Davis for the interview!