Season Preview: Seattle Mariners

Welcome to the 2021 Season Preview for the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are one of the teams the Angels need to beat a lot if they are planning to sniff the postseason. The below stats are from Baseball Reference.

Overview Of Their Rotation

Their rotation consists of a lot of left handed pitchers, some of whom are projected to have very good records. I’m not buying it. This is Seattle we are talking about. In view of the low number of projected innings pitched, durability seems to be the issue among these pitchers, particularly James Paxton. In no particular order:

LHP Marco Gonzales Spring training 15.2 IP 1.660 WHIP 2.50 SO/W Projected 174 IP 1.230 WHIP 3.20 SO/W 14-9 record.

LHP James Paxton Spring training 8.1 IP 0.960 WHIP 4.25 SO/W Projected 102 IP 1.304 WHIP 3.16 SO/W 8-5 record.

LHP Yusei Kikuchi Spring training 8.1 IP 1.080 WHIP 2.25 SO/W Projected 139 IP 1.417 WHIP 2.37 SO/W 6-9 record.

LHP Justus Sheffield Spring training 13.0 IP 1.769 WHIP 1.50 SO/W Projected 134 IP 1.358 WHIP 2.46 SO/W 7-7 record.

RHP Chris Flexen Spring training 16.0 IP 1.375 WHIP 3.40 SO/W There are no Projected stats for this pitcher.

RHP Justin Dunn Spring training 11.0 IP 1.727 WHIP 1.67 SO/W Projected 122 IP 1.336 WHIP 1.84 SO/W 8-5 record.

Overview Of Their Bullpen

Their bullpen, on the other hand is almost entirely right handed and otherwise appears to be very average. The Mariners are going with 14 pitchers. The result is that they are going with a very rudimentary bench. In no particular order:

RHP Raphael Montero Spring training 7.2 IP 1.304 WHIP 3.00 SO/W Projected 52.0 IP 1.231 WHIP 2.84 SO/W 3-3 record.

RHP Kendall Graveman Spring training 10.2 IP 1.500 WHIP 2.25 SO/W Projected 61.0 IP 1.361 WHIP 2.36 SO/W 3-5 record.

RHP Keynan Middleton Spring training 8.0 IP 1.750 WHIP 4.67 SO/W Projected 42 IP 1.357 WHIP 2.21 SO/W 2-2 record.

LHP Anthony Misiewicz Spring training 8.1 IP 0.480 WHIP 8.00 SO/W Projected 52 IP 1.308 WHIP 2.80 SO/W 3-3 record.

RHP Yohan Ramirez Spring training 1.0 IP 1.000 WHIP 0.00 SO/W Projected 53 IP 1.321 WHIP 2.11 SO/W 3-2 record.

RHP Casey Sadler Spring training 9.0 IP 1.889 WHIP 4.33 SO/W Projected 56.0 IP 1.321 WHIP 2.30 SO/W 4-3 record.

RHP Erik Swanson Spring training 6.1 IP 0.632 WHIP 7.1 SO/W Projected 48 IP 1.292 WHIP 3.00 2-4 record.

RHP Joey Gerber Spring training 8.0 IP 1.500 WHIP 3.33 SO/W Projected 46 IP 1.283 WHIP 2.44 SO/W 3-3 record.

Overview Of The Seattle Mariners Lineup

Their lineup projects to have a couple of tough outs plus a bunch of meh hitters. Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon are still projected to be head and shoulders above their couple of tough outs. Nobody is projected to have anywhere near the batting average that David Fletcher is projected to have. The Angels offense needs to feast on the AAA guys that get called up when Paxton and Middleton go down with injuries. One of the tougher outs, Mitch Haniger, is projected to have about half the usual number of plate appearances. The injury bug seems to be looming over the Mariners, at least according to the projections.

1. SS J.P. Crawford Spring training 52 PA .128/.346/.128 OPS .474 Projected 553 PA .239/.327/.382 OPS .708

2. OF Mitch Haniger Spring training 52 PA .234/.308/.511 OPS .818 Projected 228 PA .251/.338/.452 OPS .790

3. OF Kyle Lewis Spring training 44 PA .297/.386/.568 OPS .954 Projected 534 PA .257/.343/.452 OPS .795

4. 3B Kyle Seager Spring training 49 PA .350/.469/.500 Projected 579 PA .229/.310/.421 OPS .730

5. OF/DH Ty France Spring training 57 PA .327/.421/.714 Projected 429 PA .256/.328/.425 OPS .753

6. 2B/OF Dylan Moore Spring training 59 PA .231/.322/.365 Projected 443 PA .230/.325/.426 OPS .751

7. OF Taylor Trammell Spring training 51 PA .311/.392/.644 No projection is available for this player.

8. 1B Evan White Spring training 54 PA .222/.296/.400 Projected 473 PA .216/.297/.392 OPS .689

9. C Tom Murphy Spring training 47 PA .190/.277/.357 Projected 228 PA .251/.313/.454 OPS .767

Overview Of Their Bench

The Mariners are going with 14 pitchers. The result is that they are going with a very rudimentary bench. Neither of these infielders is listed as a shortstop. If something happens to J.P. Crawford this could become a very interesting experiment indeed.

UTL Sam Haggerty Spring training 52 PA .239/.327/.391 Projected 273 PA .246/.322/.418 OPS .740

LF, 1B Jose Marmolejos Spring training 46 PA .300/.391/.400 Projected 355 PA .229/.302/.411 OPS .713

C Luis Torrens Spring training 43 PA .176/.279/.235 Projected 307 PA .250/.330/.412 OPS .742

None of these bench guys sparks joy.

Photo credit: Rex Fregosi

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3 years ago

Someone let the M’s fans know they have to cheer very loudly this year.

3 years ago

There’s a team in Seattle?!
Hoping this is the year I can get up there to see an Angels game. Always seem to just miss it.

Last edited 3 years ago by Angels2020Champs
red floyd
3 years ago

I caught them in Seattle, playing an interleague game, about 4 years ago. Safeco — I mean T-Mobile — is a great stadium.

3 years ago

me too. It’s a lot more likely I’ll get to Seattle then to Anaheim.

April 30, May 1, May 2
July 9, July 10
October 1, October 2, October 3.

That’s it? 10 games in Anaheim, 8 in Seattle.