Angels batter Cubs 15-7

The Cubbies visited Tempe Diablo on an absolutely beautiful day for baseball. This won’t be a detailed inning by inning thread. Darned work just kept getting in the way. This was typed pretty much in real time and is, to my knowledge, my first post game. Enjoy.

The bats were on fire early, scoring 2 in the bottom of the first then absolutely tearing into Cubs pitching in the second. Of the first 14 guys who came to bat the only out was a bunt by Fletcher. Every Angel in the lineup but Fletcher scored a run and the score was 12-1 at the end of two.

The only downside to the inning was Albert Pujols wearing one on the wrist and leaving early. Early reports are saying a contusion. I heard the contact on TV. It had to suck

If all sports were like combat sports the ref would’ve just waived the game off at this point. The Cubs were clearly out on their feet. But this being baseball, the game moved on.

Griffin Canning didn’t look nearly as sharp as his last outing and Dexter Fowler misplayed a ball in right field to jumpstart a little Chicago rally. They managed to put two on the board to make it 12-3.

Griffin improved as the game went on, though. Through 5 he was at a very reasonable 70 pitches and ended the inning with a knee buckling curve that was called strike three on Kris Bryant.

Rendon hit a bomb in the bottom of the fifth to extend the lead to 13-3.

Sandoval looks really good out of the bullpen lately. Perhaps the shorter stints and getting to just grip it and rip it will work better for him. Two shutout innings by Sandoval.

And as soon as I type that he gives up a bomb and starts getting hit around a bit. A couple of nice K’s but now it is a football score, 14-6.

Schelber is a nice minor league signing. He cracks a broken bat single to extend the lead to 15-6.

Jake Faria came in to pitch the 9th. And if you’ve read this far you deserve an award: I’m interviewing him tomorrow. Perhaps I’ve jinxed him. Solo shot, 15-7.

Luis Rengifo made a nice running catch. He looks like a lock to make the roster due to Barreto’s injury.

Light up the Cactus. 15-7 Angels victory.

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3 years ago

I’m greedy, I guess. When we’re ahead 14-3 I don’t want to give up 4 more runs. I sense a bullpen weakness that will bite us.

Jim Atkins
Super Member
3 years ago

Turned the game on and went outside to cut up some massive boxes for recycling. Come back in and ask SWMBO what the score is. “11 to 1”. WHAAAAAT?? Crazy game, almost a Double Blitz!