Mike Trout & Mookie Betts talk MLB and Body Armor

Thanks to BODYARMOR for this video and great content!

Mike Trout and Mookie Betts talk baseball and Body Armor with Ally Love. Pretty cool interaction between the two superstars. Check it out below! If you are short on time, see notes below on certain segments but the entire 11 minute video is worth it!

  1. What do you admire about each other’s game Q&A – starts at 1:48
  2. How did you discover BODYARMOR Q&A – starts at 3:50
  3. Kobe Q and Mookie’s Answer – starts at 5:00
  4. Dad strength Q&A – starts at 7:20
  5. Can You Dunk Q&A – starts at 8:35
  6. Furthest HR You’ve Ever Hit Q&A – starts at 8:46
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3 years ago

Fun to watch and I certainly hope we win tonight to stay alive and that Asstros fail. Kershaw, Bellinger, Betts, and Seager all on one team just doesn’t seem fair now does it.