Angels drop some minor leaguers, including former 3rd and 5th round picks

Angels Minor League Moves: May 29-June 16

Signed Draft Picks:
LHP Adam Seminaris – The Angels signed their 5th round pick for $140,000 which was well below his slot value of $390,400.

RHP Jason Alexander – Alexander was signed as a minor league free agent in 2017 and could never really put it all together. The highlight of his career came in May of 2019 when he retired 24 of 25 batters.

RHP Ridge Chapman – 34th round pick in 2019. Played rookie ball last season and pitched a mere 3 innings.

RHP Clayton Chathan – Another undrafted free agent, Chathan joined the Angels in 2018 and made it up to A ball last season.

RHP Ethan Clark – 15th round pick by the Rays in 2015. Also spent some time on the Marlins before joining the Angels in early 2019.

RHP Brett Hanewich – A bit of a surprise to me but he did struggle at AA last year. I met him at the AFL in 2018 and also interviewed him. Great guy and I wish him well. He maybe would have stayed with the team if not for it being 2020. He was a 9th round pick in 2017.

RHP Luke Lind – Undrafted free agent signed in 2017.

RHP Jacob Voss – Was a 27th round pick in 2018 and didn’t show much promise over the past few years.

C Justin Kunz – Hit .302 with a .361 OBP in rookie ball last season. 30% caught stealing rate. Don’t know much else on this guy other than him being a 33rd round pick.

C Alexis Olmeda – Nabbed by the Angels after the Diamondbacks released him in 2018, the former 21st round pick barely made it past high A ball in 5 seasons.

C Ysaac Pena – Yankees signed him in 2016 and injuries derailed is entire 2018 season. He played 2019 for the DSL Angels.

SS Justin Jones – Unsigned draft pick from 2018.

SS Connor Justus – A 5th round pick in 2016 known for his defense, Justus could never really get it together at the plate.

SS Nolan Williams – Like Justus, Williams could never get it together with his bat. The Angels used their 3rd pick on Nonie in 2016 and over 899 minor league at bats he struck out 309 times with a .202 average.

OF Johan Sala – Signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2014, he spent 4+ years in rookie ball (though he is only 22 still).

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red floyd
4 years ago

We released Jason Alexander?

Will George Costanza now take a job in the front office instead?

Super Member
4 years ago

Vaya con Dios Johan Sala – he’s in my Top 100 of Tempe Angels

*i wonder how much salary the Angels paid these guys

4 years ago

sorry about Nonnie. WallyChuckChili is right about Kunz. Whatza guy gotta do?

Super Member
4 years ago

Now that George Costanza has been released, he can start he new gig — assistant to the traveling secretary for the MFY.

red floyd
4 years ago
Reply to  Designerguy

GMTA. I posted before I read this.

4 years ago

C Justin Kunz – Hit .302

Someone should have told him that the Angels don’t like catchers that can hit.