LA Angels Wednesday News Crash: Leaks and Internal Strife

Good morning Angels fans. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, although that may just be the Memorial Day BBQ. Have some links with your bacon.

MLB infighting

The opening of the MLB season has been up in the air and as we wait, the stuff that leaks make both sides look ugly. Arguments over the agreement in March being based on fans attending is ongoing.

The Union allegedly knew that renegotiation were needed months ago.

MLB is telling the union they need to renegotiate pay(beyond what was already agreed to) or there will be no Baseball until fans can attend games.

MLB owners say they can lose 2 billion dollars if there are no fans even if they do not pay the players. The Union doubts the numbers very much.

MLB and the union met but did not made any economic proposals yet.

MLB plans for no Baseball in December, fears the cancellation of the postseason.

Other Baseball news

Nats will unveil their rings on the 24th. Suck it Houston!

Felix Hernandez is looking to retire after 200 wins and 3K strikeouts. Since when does “Mr. CY Young winner with few wins” care about wins?

A’s are unable to pay their rent for the Coliseum in Oakland. Maybe they are poor after all.

Angels News

It is official, non players will be furloughed for the Angels starting June 1st. Angels aren’t the only ones but are still in the minority for doing this.

Pujols made an appearance on Sesame Street. Well he certainly has time to do it.

K-Rod has not given up on playing. Good luck, but he is done.

MLB Trade Rumors reminded everyone that The Freak fell off a cliff and was on the Angels for a hot second. Jee, thanks.

Dino Ebel talks to espn about Trout and Pujols.

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Rahul Setty
Trusted Member
4 years ago

MLB infighting is quite the apt headline. Good golly.

4 years ago

CBS Sports has their “what-if” scenarios for each team (since 2000). I disagree with their choice for us. They picked “what if the Angels signed Greinke instead of Cokehead?”

I’d have chosen one of two. Eddings doesn’t buy Pure#$%ski’s $#$%&^, or Aoki doesn’t blindly catch a fall while falling.

Super Member
4 years ago

The owners are only doing it this way to make it seem like they are trying. They gave a proposal, and will not budge, or worse, just change the deal. The East coast is shut down for the foreseeable future, and without the NY’s and BOS teams, who cares anyway.

The on field rules they set, no going to the mouth, no spitting, will shut down the game anyway. How are they going to enforce rules like that? Saliva is the backbone of the game.

Take care, be healthy, and take deep breaths.