Gate Crashing: your guide to Peoria Sports Complex

Home to both the Padres and the Mariners, this recently revamped park also sits across the street from a nice shopping, dining, and entertainment area.

During the game: Peoria offers lower and upper level seating from first to third base and the sight lines are great from everywhere. If you want shade, find seats in the upper level between the dugouts. Great view, shade, and less expensive than the lower bowl.

The concessions are wide ranging with plenty of food and beer options to be found. I’d definitely put Peoria at the top of the heap for eats and there’s definitely no shortage of microbrews. The only drawback to the ballpark is that the concessions are shielded from the playing field.

If you are bringing the kids, there are area for youngsters to roam and play, including a mini diamond down the first base line. Generally a form of pick up game gets going where there aren’t really teams and kids just rotate taking at bats. I always see plenty of smiles out there, but again it is shielded from the playing field so you can’t see the game from there.

Before the game: This is the one ballpark that is built next to a wide variety of food and entertainment options. Sushi, steak, Hooters, barbecue, it is all there. You can even buy a new Harley or catch a movie.

Autograph seekers: If you want autographs from the home teams, sit close to the field near their dugout. The Padres call one dugout home, the Mariners another.

If you want autographs from the visiting team, sit close to the field past first base. Generally the bus/van carrying players back home is parked behind a large gate out in right field and the players walk in and out that way. One year I got Jean Segura and Alexi Amarista to sign a ball for me after a split squad game in Peoria. I was confident I had our double play combo of the future.

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Pro tip: Peoria is ideal for night games, which are a pretty regular occurrence. I’ve caught a day game, made a short drive up to Peoria and grabbed a bit to eat between games several times. The ideal scenario is a dame game at Camelback, but you can also make this happen from any ballpark west of downtown, you just don’t want to cross downtown during rush hour.

My take: I really like this ballpark. The blue color scheme makes it seem physically cooler, the ability to grab a bite before or after the game is great as are the food options at the stadium. My one gripe is not being able to see the field while I wait in line for concessions.

Your take: What do you think of Peoria Sports Complex?

Picture by UCInternational